Welcome to the LibreCV Discourse Forum

Welcome to the LibreCV Discourse Forum

This is a place for Computer Vision practitioners, hackers and researchers to interact with one another, share ideas :bulb: papers :memo: educational content :books: code :pager: ask for help :question: and give help to others :busts_in_silhouette:

The aim of this forum is to grow as a positive, inclusive, and constructive Open Source community to propose and share different activities, events, hacklabs or any research related to Computer Vision :computer::eye:

If you are new here, say hello and introduce yourself here ! For more information about this site community, see the β€œLibreCV - Computer Vision and Machine Learning community” post. Otherwise, check out the channels below, we’re excited for you to join the movement.

Additionally, we encourage the creation of working groups :earth_africa: and for this reason we welcome existing small communities to DM us (@admins) so that we can create a self-organized space :rocket: for your discussions &| promotions.

May the Pixels be with you :sunglasses: