Social Networks Are the Next Big Decentralization Opportunity

Good article introducing decentralized social networks.

I personally like the basic principles they describe in the article about how to create better social networks. I copy-paste below those definitions:

  • Open source code. Code should be open source, so everyone has the ability to inspect and understand the algorithms that are putting images and videos in front of their eyes, people into their friendship circles, and texts and ideas into their minds.
  • Decentralized control. Ownership and control should be decentralized, so no company and no government is tasked and burdened with calling all the shots.
  • Democratic decision. Major decisions about social network structure and dynamics should be made democratically. And if democratic decision-making doesn’t converge on a result, it’s okay if a social network splinters into multiple ones, just as Linux, Bitcoin and Ethereum have forked into multiple versions.
  • Explainable AI. Recommendations of connections and content should be made using open-source AI that is created via democratically-governed projects, and that has the ability to explain the reasons behind its judgments. And these explanations need to be shown routinely to users in a way they can understand.

Funny fact – I found this article in Twitter where the guy was complaining about Facebook AI deactivated his account after sharing an article advocating decentralized social networks. Smart AI ? :roll_eyes:

Open to discuss your thoughts about this topic.