Paper Explained - GLIDE: Towards Photorealistic Image Generation and Editing with Text-Guided Diffusion Models (Full Video Analysis)

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Diffusion models learn to iteratively reverse a noising process that is applied repeatedly during training. The result can be used for conditional generation as well as various other tasks such as inpainting. OpenAI’s GLIDE builds on recent advances in diffusion models and combines text-conditional diffusion with classifier-free guidance and upsampling to achieve unprecedented quality in text-to-image samples.

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0:00 - Intro & Overview
6:10 - What is a Diffusion Model?
18:20 - Conditional Generation and Guided Diffusion
31:30 - Architecture Recap
34:05 - Training & Result metrics
36:55 - Failure cases & my own results
39:45 - Safety considerations

Paper: [2112.10741] GLIDE: Towards Photorealistic Image Generation and Editing with Text-Guided Diffusion Models
Code & Model:

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Diffusion models have recently been shown to generate high-quality synthetic images, especially when paired with a guidance technique to trade off diversity for fidelity. We explore diffusion models for the problem of text-conditional image synthesis and compare two different guidance strategies: CLIP guidance and classifier-free guidance. We find that the latter is preferred by human evaluators for both photorealism and caption similarity, and often produces photorealistic samples. Samples from a 3.5 billion parameter text-conditional diffusion model using classifier-free guidance are favored by human evaluators to those from DALL-E, even when the latter uses expensive CLIP reranking. Additionally, we find that our models can be fine-tuned to perform image inpainting, enabling powerful text-driven image editing. We train a smaller model on a filtered dataset and release the code and weights at this https URL.

Authors: Alex Nichol, Prafulla Dhariwal, Aditya Ramesh, Pranav Shyam, Pamela Mishkin, Bob McGrew, Ilya Sutskever, Mark Chen

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