ML News - Stanford HAI coins Foundation Models & High-profile case of plagiarism uncovered (Video)

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0:00 - Intro & Sponsor
3:15 - A high-profile case of plagiarism shocks the ML world
11:55 - Stanford AI releases paper on “Foundation Models”
19:45 - Updates on Apple’s NeuralHash
20:45 - RL control for two-player splorts
21:45 - Tesla’s AI Day
23:55 - COMMA THREE announced
24:40 - Intel winding down RealSense cameras
25:20 - IBM unveils Telum Processor
25:50 - Lux AI Challenge & Neural MMO Challenge
26:50 - Dribnet’s CLIP PixelArt
27:40 - Multi-Agent RL papers are mostly fake
28:50 - I can’t even come up with a segment title
29:25 - AI News Questions
31:20 - Frameworks & Libraries

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Plagiarism case shocks ML world

Stanford AI targets Foundation Models
Support - Wikipedia

NeuralHash Saga Continues

RL Control for competitive sports

Tesla AI Day
- YouTube
- YouTube

George Hotz announces COMMA THREE
- YouTube
comma three devkit | comma shop

Intel abandons RealSense cameras

IBM unveils Telum Processor

Kaggle Lux AI challenge

Neural MMO challenge

Dribnet’s PixelArt

Multi-Agent RL papers mostly fake

Elon Musk, Lex Fridman tweets trigger news story

News Questions:
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3D Volleyball RL environment

Maze RL framework

Wanderer 2 HN Search