ML News - Plagiarism Case w/ Plot Twist | CLIP for video surveillance | OpenAI summarizes books (Video)

Your Mondaily updates of what’s going in the world of Machine Learning.

0:00 - Intro
0:20 - New plagiarism case has plot twist
7:25 - CLIP for video surveillance
9:40 - DARPA SubTerranean Challenge
11:00 - Schmidhuber criticizing Turing Lecture
15:00 - OpenAI summarizes books
17:55 - UnBiasIt monitors employees’ communications for bias
20:00 - iOS plans to detect depression
21:30 - UK 10 year plan to become AI superpower
23:30 - Helpful Libraries
29:00 - WIT: Wikipedia Image-Text dataset

New plagiarism case with plot twist
在arxiv上看到自己的投稿署了别人的名字是什么体验? - 知乎

CLIP used for video surveillance

DARPA SubTerranean Challenge
DARPA Subterranean Challenge

Schmidhuber Blog: Turing Lecture Errors

OpenAI on Summarizing Books

UnBiasIt to monitor employee language

iPhone to detect depression

UK 10-year plan to become AI-superpower

Helpful Libraries
Video Logo of Muzic Project - Muzic

Habitat and Matterport 3D Dataset

WIT: Wikipedia-Based Image-Text Dataset