ML News - Nvidia renders CEO | Jurassic-1 larger than GPT-3 | Tortured Phrases reveal Plagiarism (Video)

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0:00 - Intro
0:20 - Sponsor: Weights & Biases
3:00 - Nvidia’s CEO was rendered during Keynote
5:00 - AI21 Labs releases Jurassic-1 language model
7:00 - Tortured Phrases reveal plagiarism
10:05 - Cortical neurons are computationally complex
11:55 - OpenAI Codex Update & Challenge
13:30 - Automated drug abuse prevention gone wrong
17:55 - Rapid News Questions
18:40 - SoundStream learned neural audio codec
19:40 - RoboMimic framework for robotics research
20:05 - Droidlet framework for agent training
20:40 - Unidentified Video Objects Benchmark
21:45 - Grammatical Error Correction Dataset
22:15 - ColabPro Plus available
23:05 - BigBench Self-Awareness benchmark for language models

Sponsor: Weights & Biases

NVIDIA renders CEO during keynote
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AI21 Labs announces Jurassic-1 model

Tortured Phrases point to plagiarism

Real Neurons are insanely complex

OpenAI Codex Challenge & Update

OpenAI Codex Challenge
OpenAI Codex

Automated drug abuse prevention goes wrong

News Questions
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SoundStream Neural Audio Codec

RoboMimic Framework

Droidlet Framework

Unidentified Video Objects Benchmark

Grammatical Error Correction Dataset

Colab Pro Plus is “even better”

BIG-Bench Self-Awareness Benchmark for Language Models