ML News - New ImageNet SOTA | Uber's H3 hexagonal coordinate system | New text-image-pair dataset (Video)

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0:00 - Intro
0:20 - TruthfulQA benchmark shines new light on GPT-3
2:00 - LAION-400M image-text-pair dataset
4:10 - GoogleAI’s EfficientNetV2 and CoAtNet
6:15 - Uber’s H3: A hexagonal coordinate system
7:40 - AWS NeurIPS 2021 DeepRacer Challenge
8:15 - Helpful Libraries
9:20 - State of PyTorch in September 2021
10:05 - Physics-Based Deep Learning Book
10:35 - Music-conditioned 3D dance generation
11:40 - Stallman’s take on legal issues with Codex
12:20 - Tensorflow DirectML on AMD GPUs
13:00 - Schmidhuber Blog: Turing Oversold

Uber’s H3 is actually not new, but from 2018

TruthfulQA - A benchmark assessing truthfulness of language models

LAION-400M image-text-pair dataset

GooleAI releases EfficientNetV2 and CoAtNet

Uber’s H3 hexagonal coordinate systems
H3: Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index

NeurIPS 2021 DeepRacer Challenge
AWS DeepRacer - the fastest way to get rolling with machine learning
Groups · Deepracer · GitLab

Helpful Libraries

State of PyTorch in September 2021

Physics-Based Deep Learning Book

Music Conditioned 3D dance generation

Richard Stallman on Codex legal issues
Linux in Sunworld - Slashdot

Tensorflow DirectML on AMD

Schmidhuber: Turing Oversold