ML News - Microsoft trains 530B model | ConvMixer model fits into single tweet | DeepMind profitable (Video)

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0:00 - Intro
0:16 - Weights & Biases raises on 1B valuation (sponsored)
2:30 - Microsoft trains 530 billion parameter model
5:15 - StyleGAN v3 released
6:45 - A few more examples may be worth billions of parameters
8:30 - ConvMixer fits into a tweet
9:45 - Improved VQGAN
11:25 - William Shatner AI chats about his life
12:35 - Google AI pushes material science
14:10 - Gretel AI raises 50M for privacy protection
16:05 - DeepMind’s push into ML for biology
19:00 - Schmidhuber laudates Kunihiko Fukushima for Bower Award
21:30 - Helpful Things
22:25 - Mosaic ML out of stealth mode
23:55 - First German self-driving train
24:45 - Ex-Pentagon Chief: China has already won
26:25 - DeepMind becomes profitable

Sponsor: Weights & Biases

Microsoft Trains 530B Parameter Model

StyleGAN 3 Code Released

When do labels help?


Improved VQGAN

William Shatner “AI” & Storyfile

GoogleAI Finds Complex Metal Oxides

GretelAI raises 50M Series B

DeepMind’s Push in ML for Bio

Kunihiko Fukushima wins Bower Award: Schmidhuber Congratulates
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Helpful Things

MosaicML out of Stealth Mode
Mosaic ML | Explore

Germany’s first self-driving train

Ex-Pentagon Chief: China has already won tech war

DeepMind becomes profitable