ML News - Hugging Face course | GAN Theft Auto | AI Programming Puzzles | PyTorch 1.9 Released (Video)

In this week’s ML News, we look at the latest developments in the Machine Learning and AI world with updates from research, industry, and society at large.

0:00 - Intro
0:20 - Hugging Face launches free course
1:30 - Sentdex releases GAN Theft Auto
2:25 - Facebook uses AI to help moderators
4:10 - Weather with Antonio
5:10 - Autonomous ship aborts mission
7:25 - PyTorch Release 1.9
8:30 - McDonald’s new AI drive thru
10:20 - UBS CEO says AI won’t replace humans
12:20 - Gödel paper has 90th birthday
12:55 - AugLy data augmentation library
13:20 - Programming Puzzles for autonomous coding
14:30 - Boston Dynamics’ Spot turns 1

PyTorch 1.9 Released
Hugging Face launches course
Transformer models - Hugging Face Course
90 years of Gödel’s theory
AugLy: A data augmentation library
Sentdex builds GAN Theft Auto
GitHub - Sentdex/GANTheftAuto
Spot turns 1
Autonomous ship aborts mission
Mayflower Autonomous Ship
McDonald’s tests AI drive thru
Facebook uses AI to moderate conversations
UBS CEO says AI won’t replace financial advisors
Programming Puzzles
[2106.05784] Programming Puzzles