ML News - GitHub Copilot - Copyright, GPL, Patents & more | Brickit LEGO app | Distill goes on break (Video)

GitHub and OpenAI release Copilot, an AI-powered code autocomplete system that can generate entire functions, classes, and modules from mere definitions and docstrings. Copilot was trained on all public GitHub repositories, and this has a lot of people upset about questions on copyright, code licenses, social obligations, and how much you can profit from other people’s work. I give my opinions on the issue in relation to copyright law, the GPL license, and terms of service. Further, we discuss the Brickit app to organize your LEGOs, Distill going on a break, and much more.

0:00 - Intro
0:20 - GitHub Copilot
6:55 - My opinion on Copilot & Copyright
17:25 - Facebook AI image similarity challenge
18:00 - Brickit app scans your LEGOs and suggests builds
18:40 - Distill journal goes on break
19:50 - Amazon uses algorithms to hire & fire Flex drivers
23:20 - Helpful Libraries: TF Decision Forests, Habitat, Falken, Brax
24:20 - AI-generated papers give science a hard time

GitHub Copilot: AI pair programmer
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Facebook AI launches image similarity challenge

Brickit app sorts your LEGOs
Brickit: Rebuild your Lego

Distill goes on break

Amazon uses Algorithms to fire Flex drivers

TensorFlow decision forests

Facebook AI habitat 2.0

Google Falken trains game-playing agents

Google Brax: differentiable physics simulator

Fake science is getting faker