ML News - DeepMind does Nowcasting | The Guardian's shady reporting | AI finishes Beethoven's 10th (Video)

Your holy update on what’s new in the Machine Learning world.

0:00 - Intro
0:30 - DeepMind tackles Nowcasting
3:30 - The Guardian’s shady reporting on TruthfulQA
6:15 - Stochastic training not necessary for generalization
7:35 - Google AI’s efficient partitioning of road networks
9:15 - MiniHack Reinforcement Learning Environment
10:45 - Plato XL 11B dialog model
11:35 - AI finishes Beethoven’s 10th Symphony
13:10 - AI casts doubt on painting authenticity
15:55 - ShadowDragon social media surveillance
18:45 - Helpful Libraries
25:20 - Samsung to copy-paste brains onto chips

DeepMind improves Nowcasting

The Guardian’s shady reporting on TruthfulQA

Stochastic Training is Not Necessary for Generalization

Google AI - Efficient Partitioning of Road Networks

MiniHack Reinforcement Learning Environment

Baidu PLATO-XL 11B Dialog Model

AI finishes Beethoven’s 10th Symphony

AI casts doubt on paining authenticity
FAQ - Art Recognition

ShadowDragon Social Media Surveillance

Helpful Libraries / Datasets

The Text-Based NP Enrichment Task (TNE) | TNE
[2109.10282] TrOCR: Transformer-based Optical Character Recognition with Pre-trained Models
People + AI Research – Medium
PASS: An ImageNet replacement for self-supervised pretraining without humans | Zenodo

Samsung Method to copy paste brain onto chip