ML News - CVPR bans social media paper promotion | AI restores Rembrandt | GPU prices down (Video)

In this week’s ML news we look at CVPR’s controversial action to ban paper promotions on social media during the review phase, among other things!

0:00 - Intro & Overview
0:25 - CVPR bans social media paper discussions
5:10 - WalMart uses AI to suggest substitutions
6:05 - NVIDIA releases Alias-Free GAN
7:30 - Confession Video in Myanmar possibly a DeepFake
8:50 - AI restores Rembrandt painting
10:40 - AI for healthcare not problem-free yet
11:50 - ML interviews book
12:15 - NVIDIA canvas turns sketches into paintings
13:00 - GPU prices down after crypto shock
13:30 - Facebook AI improves shopping experience
14:05 - DeepLab2 released on GitHub
14:35 - Toxic Language Models: Nobody cares
16:55 - Does AI have common sense?

CVPR forbids social media promotion

WalMart uses AI to substitute out-of-stock products

NVIDIA releases Alias-Free GAN

Myanmar Politician’s confession could be DeepFake

Rembrandt restored using AI

AI in healthcare still shaky

ML interviews book

NVIDIA Canvas Beta available

GPU prices down as China cracks down on Crypto

Facebook AI’s big goal of improving shopping

GoogleAI releases DeepLab2

Toxic Language Model: Nobody cares

AI has no common sense