ML News - AI predicts race from X-Ray | Google kills HealthStreams | Boosting Search with MuZero (Video)

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0:00 - Intro
0:15 - Sponsor: Weights & Biases
1:45 - Google shuts down health streams
4:25 - AI predicts race from blurry X-Rays
7:35 - Facebook labels black men as primates
11:05 - Distill papers on Graph Neural Networks
11:50 - Jürgen Schmidhuber to lead KAUST AI Initiative
12:35 - GitHub brief on DMCA notices for source code
14:55 - Helpful Reddit Threads
19:40 - Simple Tricks to improve Transformers
20:40 - Apple’s Unconstrained Scene Generation
21:40 - Common Objects in 3D dataset
22:20 - WarpDrive Multi-Agent RL framework
23:10 - My new paper: Boosting Search Agents & MuZero
25:15 - Can AI detect depression from speech?

Google shuts down Health Streams

AI predicts race from X-Rays

Facebook labels black men as primates
Human - Wikipedia

Distill articles on GNNs

Jürgen Schmidhuber leads KAUST AI initiative

GitHub issues court brief on code DMCAs

Useful Reddit Threads

Tricks to improve Transformers

Unconstrained Scene Generation

Common Objects in 3D dataset

WarpDrive Multi-Agent RL framework

Boosting Search Engines / MuZero Code

Can AI detect depression?

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