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If you are new to this community, feel free to stop by here to introduce yourself. Although we live between computers :computer: books :books: and papers :writing_hand: this is a community of humans made by humans and humans like to get to know each other :nerd_face:

You can just say Hi! :wave: or tell us about yourself and the inquisitiveness that brought you here. You can even keep in incognito mode forever :female_detective:

Which ever you feel more comfortable with.

NOTE: Letโ€™s keep this thread as a placeholder for introductions. However, you can always start a new thread if someoneโ€™s introduction makes you want to reply and discuss something.

This is a great example to follow [Researcher Intro: Tomasz Malisiewicz]

Hello Everyone,

I know itโ€™s off-topic, just wanted to know is there any computer vision company that deals in vehicle detection?

Thanks in advance.

you mean as a consultancy project ?