How to be "productive" & pareto principle in research?

Let’s discuss strategies to stay productive in research. I will open the discussion with a question:

Does the Pareto principle apply to researchers? Is anyone using it?

  • Please share personal examples or some that you have witnessed in others, i.e., “the friend of a friend” is OK.
  • No is a valid answer. Please elaborate if possible with examples.

Disclaimer: It’s OK if our opinions are refutable. It’s human productivity so personality matters. If we are lucky :four_leaf_clover:, recurring patterns or principles might emerge :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:

It surely works for me, but with a caveat: Pareto papers are significantly less satisfying :frowning:

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What do you mean @ducha-aiki ? Can you elaborate a bit?

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Elaborate about what? Pareto?

Why do you think Pareto papers are less satisfying? What does it exactly mean to do a Pareto paper in your case?

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That has nothing to do what I think, because the satisfaction is a feeling and I know how I feel about such papers I did.
Pareto: 80% of results take 20%time, so just stop there and produce 5 80% papers

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I also didn’t understand what @ducha-aiki meant by Pareto papers as I haven’t participated in such a thing yet. I assumed it’s a joke or a bad endeavor that he found himself. Hence his recommendation :blush:

I also feel that investing 80% of my time & energy in 20% alike-ideas isn’t a great choice. However, as my religious friends say “it takes all sorts to make a world” :sweat_smile: