Deep Learning for Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity

MIT 6.S192: Deep Learning for Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity

Computational Aesthetics, Design, Art
Learning by Generating
Ali Jahanian
Research Scientist at MIT [instructor and organizer of this course] slides

Generative Models as Data++
Phillip Isola
Assistant professor at MIT

Nostalgia → Art → Creativity → Evolution as Data + Direction
Alyosha Efros
Professor at UC Berkley

video (Phillip)
video (Alyosha)

Efficient GANs
Jun-Yan Zhu
Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University video

The Art Of Deception - Encountering Perception as a Creative Material
Shiry Ginosar
Computing Innovation Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley video

Painting with the Neurons of a GAN
David Bau
PhD Candidate video

Explorations in AI for Creatvity
Devi Parikh
Associate Professor at Georgia Tech
Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research(FAIR) video

The Shape of Art History in the Eyes of the Machine
Ahmed Elgammal
Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University. video

How Machine Learning Can Benefit Human Creators
Dr.Rebecca Fiebrink
Reader at the Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London video

Neural Abstractions
Tom White
Lecturer teaching computational design and creative AI at the Victoria University of Wellington School of Design. video

Magenta: Empowering creative agency with machine learning
Jesse Engel
Staff Research Scientist, Google Brain video

Artificial Biodiversity
Sofia Crepso
Computational Artist

Artificial Biodiversity
Feileacan McCormick
Computational Artist


AI+Creativity, an Art Nerd’s Perspective
Jason Bailey
Founder at video

Surfacs, Objects, Procedures: Integrating Learning and Graphics for 3D Scene Understanding
Jiajun Wu
Assistant Professor, Stanford University video

Towards Creating Endlessly Creative Open-Ended Innovation Engines
Jeff Clune
Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of British Columbia, and Research Team Leader, OpenAI video

Joel Simon
Joel Simon is an artist, researcher and toolmaker inspired by the systems of biology and creativity video

Human Visual Perception of Art as Computation
Aaron Hertzmann
Principal Scientist, Adobe video (Part I [00:56 to 17:41])
video (Part II)

Using AI in the service of Graphic Design
Zoya Bylinskii
Research Scientist, Creative Intelligence Lab, Adobe video

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