Any big model-zoo about self-supervised models?

Does anyone know a GH-repo / webpage / awesome-list with a list of pretrained off-the-shelf Self-Supervised vision models?

  • VISSL is quite extensive, over 60 models, and have a nice converting tool.

  • This awesome-ssl GH-repo multiple work and their code. However, one gotta manually check if the pretrained weights are available, details, etc.

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Try also GitHub - PyTorchLightning/lightning-bolts: Toolbox of models, callbacks, and datasets for AI/ML researchers..
Has SwAV, SimCLR and more!


Thanks! That was my initial starting point. I ended up using vissl as:

  • the documentation of the ModelZoo was easier to follow

  • despite changing the model definition, they provided a script to convert weights into torchvision model definition

Do you know if someone will complete SimSiam?