Annotation tool: request for testing / feedback

Hi there! Philipe @phil.adias and I have been working to release a new version of his annotation tool, FreeLabel.

It is on GitHub, philadias/freelabel and has a README which we have written to be self contained.

It is our hope that people can easily get started annotating their own images. Philipe’s tool works with ‘squiggle annotation’, so you mark regions imprecisely, and then grow those regions. You then assess, add more squiggles as necessary, and then mark done when you are satisfied. So it works well for objects that have boundaries with many vertices. This is all reported in a 2019 WACV paper.

If you are able to test it out, and have a positive / negative / neutral experience, please let us know here, problems in the GH issues, or the email address provided in the README. Thank you!



@atabb @phil.adias Are you interested in writing a post about it in our blog ?

Hi @edgarriba , thanks for the suggestion/invitation!

I’ll try to work on that on the next few days (weekends) and get back to you :slight_smile: